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Color Therapy Miami Acupuncture |

Color Therapy

Color Therapy  is a unique science that uses color and light to balance the energetic system of the body from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.  Color Therapy was initiated by the Egyptians and then added to both the Ayurveda and Chinese medicines.  Ayurveda believes that the body has seven “chakras” or “spiritual centers”, which are directly related to the Endocrine system.  Color Therapy is based on the idea that illness and pain occur when an individual has strayed off his or her “life path”.  Color Therapy treatments are intended to release emotional blockages, allowing patients to experience emotional, spiritual and physical healing all at once.

Color Therapy is performed by Board Certified Acupuncture Physician Dr. Liliana Gomez and available in conjunction to your acupuncture treatment.  Click here to read the full bio for Dr. Liliana Gomez.  Contact us to experience Color Therapy and get on the road to a healthy mind, body and spirit today!