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Pain Management in Coral Gables, FL

If you are experiencing pain and considering acupuncture for pain relief, you are not alone. Pain and musculoskeletal complaints account for seven of the top ten conditions for which individuals use acupuncture, according to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey. Acupuncture has acquired a very good reputation as a treatment for relieving pain. Many Western doctors commonly refer their patients to acupuncturists for alleviation of pain symptoms. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can play an important role in controlling pain. Below is a list of ailments that acupuncture is commonly known for treating.

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Pain conditions that have shown to improve with the use of acupuncture and herbal medicine include:

Some of the best doctors in the world recommend Acupuncture to their patients for pain relief. Popular Television host Dr. Oz has produced several segments on the benefits of acupuncture for pain management.

Click on the link below to see videos of Dr. Oz performing Acupuncture treatments on his show and also promoting Acupuncture for the benefit of pain management:

Our Board Certified Acupuncture Physicians have been in practice since 1996 and treat a large variety of pain conditions. If you or a loved one are suffering from any type of pain, we would like to help. Contact us to find out how acupuncture can help get you on the path to better health today.